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Fielda combines mobile maps with time-saving forms and workflows. We help organizations manage field activities with confidence.

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Version 2.3.0 is more stable with better basemaps and map controls. Here’s our summary of what’s new:

🛰️ Updated Satellite Imagery

Fielda now has some of the world’s best satellite basemaps. This month’s update covers 135,000,000 km² — nearly the entire planet — with new imagery from Mapbox and Maxar. Areas that were black & white are now full color, and areas with old data now let you see new construction sites and land changes within the past year. Going forward, you’ll see frequent updates and increasing levels of detail as our providers continue to publish new imagery.

New satellite imagery, Nashville, Tennessee
New satellite imagery, Nashville, Tennessee

Better Layers Management

To help manage…

This past September, we launched Fielda Freedom — a redesigned, next-generation platform for field workers to manage and document inspections, service orders, and more. It gives split-second access to your assets — with or without a steady Internet connection — and real-time data feeds from a variety of sources are easy to plug in!

Field activities can be tough to manage. Maybe they start simple and branch into sub-tasks. Maybe they are assigned, reassigned, reviewed, audited, and placed on hold. Or maybe they follow a predictable schedule and workflow, with a long history, with photos, multiple contributors, and more. When…


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